About us

Why Gherane is best - our ethics, values and story of Gherane Skincare. Powered by organic oils and extracts to give beautifully healthy skin.

Our Story

It all started with a face oil.

Founder Sabrina Pella, city worker and mother, had a passion for facial oils yet the perfect one eluded her. With her combination skin and ageing concerns none on the market fully satisfied her desire for an oil that fused the best of natural botany with a finish and effect to rival luxury skincare brands.

And so Gherane was born - with a less is more approach - because life is busy and resources are finite. Great skincare need not be convoluted or complex and natural skincare can deliver and delight. Gherane is for those unbothered by extraneous packaging and hype, but who desire comforting, swift-acting formulas that truly enhance their skin.

This is multi-tasking without compromise.

Curated ingredients

We believe in the potency and performance of botanical ingredients.

 Gherane only uses ingredients that are sustainably sourced, vegan, cruelty-free and are of the highest quality due to our lengthy, rigorous selection process. All our formulas are pared-back to sustainably sourced, vegan and cruelty-free essentials; we do not add fragrances or colourants and the only essential oil we employ is geranium due to its safety in pregnancy and non photosensitivity.

Exceptional formulations

An oil that works like a serum. A serum that acts as a moisturiser. A balm that behaves however you need it to.

Our adaptable formulations are both skin-compatible and inherently efficacious, so that they delve into the epidermis with ease and provoke a genuine skin benefit. Speed and simplicity, without forsaking experience, combined with efficacy are at the heart of the brand.


The Gherane effect?

 Plump, vital skin and a radiant finish without a hint of greasiness. Our products are both lightweight and balancing
whilst also delivering potent antioxidants and deep nourishment. Whether applied under or over makeup, or applied at night, Gherane products move
between extremes – we’re efficient yet sensory, practical yet luxurious, natural yet forward-thinking – to put your skin into a state of its most beautiful equilibrium.

Thoughtful packaging

Minimal and intelligent.

 Our recyclable glass packaging works to preserve our products from over-exposure to sunlight. Our box manufacturer is FSC certified and our products are packed with biodegradable Eco Flo which is fully compostable, low energy, dissolves in water and is manufactured from annually renewable sources.

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